Top 4 ways to prevent wastage of water at home

In many places, there is a scarcity of water supply. Rainfall is not sufficient in many parts of the world. We need to take steps to conserve water and make sure that water is not wasted. Here are some tips for you to stop wastage of water at home.

Lower outdoor watering

A major amount of water at home is used for outdoor activities like watering the plants, washing cars in the garage, waiting for lawn, etc. You will be able to conserve water if you do these activities before dawn or early in the morning. You should use less water for the jobs.

Fix plumbing problems

If there is any leak in toilet pipes or showerheads then you should fix the problem immediately. Otherwise, the water will keep on dripping and you will waste huge volume of water. You can change the fixtures of your bathroom and go for something that is more efficient.

Turn the taps off when not in use

Most of us have a bad habit of keeping the taps turned on even when they are not in use. Water gets wasted if you do this kind of thing.

Use less water when taking shower

Many of us spend hours in the tub when taking shower. You should not spend so much time in the shower. Four minutes should be enough to take a good shower.

You should change your habit and try to save water at home. You should make sure all the taps are closed when not in use and we should use less water. This way, we can cut down on the wastage of water at home every day.

4 amazing tips for green shopping

We waste a lot of things every day. We buy things that we don’t need; we buy more than we need, we buy things that pollute the environment and we throw them away causing more pollution. These are harmful to the environment. Here are some great tips for green shopping.

Buy things that are local

You should shop from your local farmer’s shop or market instead of going to big superstores which are far away from your home. When you go to superstores, you have to take your car. The car emits harmful carbon dioxide and pollutes the environment. You will also get mostly farm produced products there instead of fresh produces.

Buy things in bulk

When you buy in bulk, you save money. Buying bulk also requires less packaging. So, there will be less pollution and waste. You can also keep things in stock in your home and won’t have to visit grocery shops often.

Choose products sold in recyclable packages

You should buy products that are sold in cardboard or other environmentally friendly packages than plastics. This way you will be able to reduce pollution.

Buy things that will last longer

You should buy things that will last for a long time instead of things that will run out soon. You should buy things that you can reuse, like napkins instead of paper towels. You can get plastic plates that you can reuse instead of paper plates.

You can easily adopt these tips. This way of shopping won’t cause any harm to the environment. At the same time, it will save your money as well.

Top 5 renewable energy sources available

Our natural resources including fossil fuel are depleting. Burning fossil fuel also causes pollution. We must think of using energy sources that are renewable. Here are some renewable sources of energy that you can use today.

Solar power

The sun’s energy can be used to produce electricity. It is one of the most viable renewable energy sources. The solar cells are now efficient, flexible and portable. You will find solar panels in many buildings now. They are easy to install.

Wind power

Wind power can be converted into mechanical energy or electricity. The wind energy can be used to give electricity to various areas. Wind farms are seen on agricultural land and they have a very low negative impact on the environment.


Electricity can be produced from the gravitational force of flowing water. No waste is produced from this energy. These can be installed in even small rivers or streams.

Compressed Natural Gas

Compressed Natural Gas or CNG is used as a substitute for diesel, gasoline, etc. Its combustion doesn’t result in greenhouse gases. CNG is more environmentally clean compared to the other fossil fuels. It is used in vehicles.

Nuclear energy

Electricity can be produced from nuclear reactions. However, this is a very controversial form of energy. Pollution may be emitted during the process. Radioactive waste is produced that is hazardous to human health. There are some safe nuclear plants that produce energy without much waste.

People will start to use these forms of energy more in future. Our natural energy supplies are limited, so these forms of renewable energies are our only hope.