The Case For Eco Friendly Gardens

Today the world is faced with one overwhelming problem and that is neither global terrorism or racism or nay of the ‘ism’s’ that plague modern society. Yes these are problems – there can be no doubt about that. But these are problems that can be dealt with on a societal level.

It is possible that wars will be fought over these issues – in fact there are regional conflicts that are being fought over these concepts as you are reading this. But there is an absolute certainty that the biggest global battles will be fought over an issue that is a literal life or death situation – and that is the availability of water.

Already even the most developed nations are finding that drought is affecting the lives of their citizens.

This only one of the reasons that eco friendly gardens are becoming the norm in these regions, rather than the exception.

In regions where water restrictions have become the norm large fines can be levied for using water to tend to a garden irrespective of the species that are planted. However, many invader species are much more water hungry than their native cousins.

People have therefore turned to using smart designs and more natural species – many of which are tremendously attractive in order to beautify their gardens. To make these species even more attractive is the fact that much of the native fauna relies on them to continue their life cycles.

A garden is much more than a collection of flora that is pleasing to the eye – it is part of the natural landscape. For too many years avid gardeners have been using vast amounts of scarce resources like water and man made chemical pesticides in order to bend nature to their will.

Slowly this attitude has been changing.

Today some of the most beautiful gardens in the world are run on eco friendly principles. no pesticides, ;little to no watering and the cultivation of plants that are part of the world that surrounds the garden. Walking through a garden sustained by these principles is a joy even for those who are not avid gardeners.

The proliferation of insects and the flowering shrubs and plants, as well as the majesty of some of the larger flora such as trees makes it a treat.

The absence of non native species does not detract from the beauty of such gardens – rather it enhances it.

Not using chemicals and pesticides makes the garden a safer place for both children and pets and is a far safer alternative than potentially lethal man made products. The rule is simple – if you would not be happy putting it in your mouth – then don’t use it in the garden.

There are other, more practical reasons to establish an eco friendly garden. Vegetables grown in such gardens are tastier and more nutritious and contribute to sustainable lifestyle. Cutting down on water use means savings.

It’s a simple solution that provides joy in the shape of wonderful flora and fauna – and the satisfaction that the homeowner is contributing in a real way to the greening and sustainability of the planet.

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